Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bad day

Today, has been very sad today because my hamster lenny has died of old age. If not that we dont know what that came to him. It was this morning, I went to check on him to see if he was a alright because I didnt hear him at all last night. as soon as I unscrewed the lid I had a bad feeling about this, he wasnt moving or breathing and from that very moment I noticed. I heard a strong lament in my head. I not sure why it suddenly came to me... Anyway it is very painful right now. If you readers like I could tell you a short ran of his life. Well I got him from prior park garden centre in bath, 2009 feb 19th, he was 8 weeks old and very small. He was an early birhday treat for me. My birthday is really march the 2nd. Well anyway I called him lenny yeah, and every night he used to run around in his squeky wheel. I didnt mind the loud noise becuase it helped me sleep. I have a room of my own anyway so it wouldnt disturb anyone else. Well actually back in an other house we lived in me, my brother and sister shared a room together. So they had to sleep with the running in the wheel and the clattering of his water bottle. But they didnt mind either they got used to it and help them get to sleep aswell. When guests came to sleep in our room they didnt mind either.. (well sort of) Well at least now I have 2 guinea pigs and a fat cat to acompany me. If you wish to know more about my pets just ask.:)

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